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Our Practice

Metropolitan Nephrology Associates is a group practice, begun in 1974, providing expertise in the field of fluid and electrolyte disorders, physiological and pathological conditions affecting kidney function, hypertension, and renal failure.

Our five physicians are all board certified in Nephrology and members of our group have been recognized on multiple occasions in the periodic Best Doctors issue of Washingtonian Magazine.

Our physician assistants play an integral role in our dialysis rounds, coordinate our research grants, and lead our education program for patients facing end stage renal disease.

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Maryland Staff

MNA is a group practice and structures it so that patients are not scheduled with one particular doctor and instead will see everyone in the practice. This is true not only in the office but also during hospitalization and at dialysis units and it allows our group to get well acquainted with every patient they will encounter. Our physicians and physician assistants (PA) meet weekly to share observations of patients and discuss difficult treatment and diagnostic dilemmas. This collaborative effort ensures that we find effective solutions for all patients.

Office Locations

The practice has two offices:  one in Clinton, Maryland and the other in Alexandria, Virginia. We utilize Mount Vernon and Fairfax Hospitals in Virginia and Southern Maryland Hospital in Maryland. We provide the medical directorship for five dialysis units operated by Fresenius, a premier manufacturer of dialysis equipment and the largest provider of dialysis care in the world. Three units are located in Prince George's County, MD, and two units are located in Fairfax County, VA.


Our office appointments for consultation are scheduled for one hour and return visits for 30 minutes. We never overbook, meaning that no one else is scheduled for your time slot. We value our time and assume that patients do as well. To help us stay on schedule, please take into account the unpredictable aspects of traveling in the District-Maryland-Virginia area when you plan your trip to our office.

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Virginia Staff

Having five doctors in the practice enables us to rotate physicians weekly in the office, the hospitals and/or dialysis units. Because physicians in the office never simultaneously have hospital responsibility, we have a more controlled office schedule that minimizes the possibility that a patient may have to wait.

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